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As the technology advances, digital cameras and IC CL410AJE and multimedia audio and video more and more users, so for memory card storage capacity and transmission speed increasing demand. To meet consumer needs, Transcends new 16GB high capacity SDHC Class 6 memory card. Transcend SDHC Class 6 memory card with a new generation of SD 2.0 specification and design, to support the FAT32 file format, can support SD 2.0 specification for high-end digital cameras or digital cameras and other mobile devices.

CL410AJE Suppliers

Since 2000, China's projector market grew rapidly, from 6.1 million units in 2001, rapid growth to 64.9 million units in 2007, 2007, sales growth rate is 33.5%. With the projection technology continues to mature, declining prices, intense competition between manufacturers, consumers purchase the projector from the blind choose to rational consumption, China projector market began to mature into stable into 2008, the projection unit sales volume growth rate obviously slowed down.

CL410AJE Price

North American demand for cars with OEM sensors 10% per year continuous increase in growth, the development of the end of 2007 to 45 billion dollar industry. Among them, the car will increase the use of rollover sensors, is expected to roll from 2003 to 2008 compound annual growth rate of the sensor module will reach 32.3%. With Chinas expanding automotive sensors, local enterprises to achieve great development, must achieve a breakthrough on the accuracy and CL410AJE Price and reliability .

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