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Sony Ericsson C902 is a flagship camera phone, as the cyber-shot series of strong machine is 500 million pixel camera with auto-focus; support LED flash; support the face recognition function; support 6 times digital zoom, image / video stabilization, red-eye reduction flash and IC CL505AJE and camera features such as BestPic You shoot, basically belongs to everything, the only shortcoming Jiushi not provide Xenon flash, not in a dark environment for better shooting results.

CL505AJE Suppliers

"CSRs BC7 is now sampling to customers this year, the production end of the year, I expect to start from next year, in the high-end mobile phones will be widely adopted. Up to now, the same level with the BC7 chip, I have not seen the competition to provide samples, we will first step into the market. For the competitiveness of enterprises in Taiwan, I think its competitive with the Bluetooth chip similar. We are the Bluetooth SIG as the master push, we will not Union members and CL505AJE Suppliers and non-white-Bluetooth cell phone manufacturers do business. "Woosung example, he said.

CL505AJE Price

Sony VAIOTZ series due to the purchase of two laptop computers are not consistent with the promotion, consumers Xie Yi Zhi Su Zhuang Jiang Sony (China) Co., Ltd., Intel (China) Co., Ltd. sued Chaoyang Court for The two companies jointly pay compensation of 10 million yuan. Mr Tse said the prosecution, in October 2007, through the media learned that Intel released a new generation of Intel Centrino platform (Centrino 4).

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