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Ic CS1009

Recently at the sixth China International Defense Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX2008), China Changsha, Jia Jing Electronic Co., Ltd. to bring the latest SMART-made JMS12405 rugged airborne intelligent display. The product still in development, is the analysis of King Company, and IC CS1009 and on the basis of similar products at home and abroad, combined with the latest needs of users and the latest technology developed. The display supports multiple types of video input, with night vision capabilities for airborne, automotive and other harsh work environment, the display size of a great visual effect is very comfortable. Around the periphery of the display simple and easy to remember settings button. Booth staff said that many countries such as officials from Pakistan and North Korea is very interested in this type of monitor its performance data in detail inquiry.

CS1009 Suppliers

FM25040A-GA with fast writes, virtually unlimited endurance and CS1009 Suppliers and low power consumption, suitable for advanced powertrain. Data collection in demanding applications, F-RAM can be quick, frequent writing, and to avoid data loss, ensure that the vehicle in a noisy environment, access to data integrity. can be used with Avago proximity sensor or discrete solution package, designed to bring flexibility

CS1009 Price

Here is a brief introduction of two currently on the market selling Cambridge hassel camera. They are the dolphins and CS1009 Price and A32pro Cambridge A520pro Firefox hundred dollars or so the price of these two products are worth having.

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