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Ic CS4228A-KS

T1100RS/RN product is easy to use, without any external components are needed to achieve 4-20mA current signal of the distance, the need for distortion-free transmission can be widely applied analog signal data in isolation, collection; isolated 4-20mA signal transmission; industrial field signal isolation; ground interference suppression; long lossless transmission signal; instrument signal transceiver; power control, medical equipment, isolation and IC CS4228A-KS and other fields.

CS4228A-KS Suppliers

RFMD (RF Micro Devices) has announced that its embedded wireless LAN for wireless phones (WLAN) applications, front-end module (FEM) RF5924 has been opened in volume shipments. According to reports, RF5924 requires no external components is a complete front-end module. The device WLAN power amplifier (PA), switch and CS4228A-KS Suppliers and receive balanced - unbalanced converters, and RF transceiver and system BPF / antenna in providing all the necessary functions. With all of the matched 50-ohm RF port, RF5924 simplify the system implementation of the program, and can shorten product development time. RFMD network components, product line director Rohan Houlden said: "RF5924 RFMD mobile WLAN device is the first product-specific series, these devices meet all frequency bands and standards." RF5924 is designed to simplify mobile phones, personal digital assistant (PDA) and other portable battery powered devices in the integration process, which provides higher data throughput and wider range of WLAN. RF5924 performance characteristics, especially to meet the demand for advanced wireless applications, such as IP voice (VoIP), these applications drive the adoption of WLAN phones, as well as the creation of new WLAN standards. RF5924 with 3.5 × 3.5 × 1.4 mm package; the output power of 16dBm, providing 3.1V ~ 4.5V single supply voltage, and have integrated 2.5GHz b / g amplifier, RX balanced - unbalanced converters and switches, to provide Bluetooth interface - WLAN and Bluetooth antenna sharing between systems. When quantities of 10,000 pieces, RF5924 is priced at $ 1.74.

CS4228A-KS Price

Philips (Philips) has introduced high-speed ARM-based USB microcontrollers LPC2800 series. Allegedly, LPC2800 is the first standard to provide maximum compatibility and CS4228A-KS Price and on-chip high-speed 480Mbps transceiver (PHY) for USB2.0 device, and is the first single battery with the device. This unique capability allows embedded system design engineers to add new product features such as PC peripherals, SD memory card, smart card readers and other USB battery-energy devices. LPC2800 series incorporates many features of other high-performance peripherals, which simplifies system design, including 1MB flash memory and 8KB cache, the external memory to work effectively, its with PGA of Sigma-Delta 16 Wei ADC to improve the resolution LPC2800 can use a single AA 1.5V batteries, or use the USB cable, or external power supply to maximize battery life and design flexibility. LPC2800 USB devices with highly integrated to meet the users of high-performance 32-bit microcontroller needs to reduce system power consumption and lower system cost. LPC2800 family offers a powerful combination of features such as high speed USB, 1MB flash memory, single-cell work, etc., which will give designers greater design flexibility without increasing costs. LPC2800 development tools from multiple third-party manufacturer support. Now available LPC2800 LPC2880 and LPC2888 series microcontrollers samples. Device is 10 × 10mm TFBGA180 package. Operating temperature -40 ℃ to 85 ℃.

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