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Ic CS4398-CZZ

"2G memory, a 355 yuan, which is the highest price in history has." Sha Wan Chai Computer City, Zhuhai, stable and IC CS4398-CZZ and fast third floor manager Zhong Zhong told reporters that the beginning of this year, 2G memory, the price is 255 yuan, but this month period, memory prices soaring, the current market price of the mainstream of the 2G memory has reached 355 yuan. "Now have 1G of memory 190 yuan, and 3 days ago, or 165 yuan." Zhong Zhong told Hutchison

CS4398-CZZ Suppliers

HT46R342 addition HT46R34 of features, an additional 16 high-current output pin, providing 8 * 8 LED display (Sink Current up to 40mA at 5V, Source Current-20mA max at 5V), so that the number of required high current components such as LED, LED dot matrix, 7 segment display, and CS4398-CZZ Suppliers and so the components can also use HT46R342 direct drive, no need to drive more current amplification transistor circuits, using them to to save PCB board space and simplify the circuit structure. HT46R34 and HT46R342 can be applied to small household electrical appliances and small control system products, such as switching power supplies, induction cooker, electric blankets, rice cookers, washing machines, dish dryer, multi-function battery charger. and other chip manufacturers have the same benefit from the reorganization of assets in order to make their own business and more rational allocation of resources.

CS4398-CZZ Price

NVIDIA9600GT of 400-800 yuan has now entered the mainstream price, purchase intention was to be driven up. ASL token 9600GT graphics card with non-public version of King Kong design of GDDR3 memory with 0.8ns particles, the frequency beyond the public version, the performance is also non-public version of that match, this card has recently been sold for 799 yuan, we can a lot of attention. .

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