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Ic CS493292-CL

Speak louder than words, China Unicom iPhone Golden Week "hot set" has shown that the power of the product must have been recognized by consumers, but also because of this, only in the eleventh "golden Week "just 8 days time, China Unicom, iPhone Book online business exceeded the first million units good start.

CS493292-CL Suppliers

"Mobile Skull" mastermind has been identified, according to report, victims of mobile phone users will receive the following text message: "I have been mobile phone skeleton control, Contacts has been uploaded to the http:/tran ****. com ". If the received message is NOKIA users use smart phones, Nokias Symbian operating system is the third edition of the operating system Symbian60, users who click on the link in the message, start the Internet browser will download a program called LanPackage.sisx file. If a user accidentally clicked open, the program will be pretended to be a system of Chinese language pack, if the user clicks "Yes", the virus will install on the phone.

CS493292-CL Price

embedded systems in order to seize this rare opportunity for development of information industry, better, faster applications and CS493292-CL Price and embedded systems to promote city development of related industries in recent years , Shanghai in embedded systems and software-related input into the industry is very large, of which only the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee in the field of embedded systems to the layout of 23 major series of projects for funding, nearly 60 million yuan, mainly in the automotive electronics , marine electronics, rail transportation, information appliances, embedded technology platform, independent operating system products and industrialization and so on. One representative is to serve the World Expo Shanghai 2010 "Century of Light" clean ship, which brought together the three "information nervous" system - flew integrated electric propulsion and steering control system, power management, embedded systems and remote monitoring of embedded systems ship status. Ship from the factory since last May, has been in the Huangpu River waters more than 800 hours, total operating mileage of more than 9,000 clean-km, remove waste and water plants were cleared more than 400 cubic meters, to achieve better social benefits.

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