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Ic CS5530A-UCE

To improve the performance of these into reality, ST FDmesh super junction structure on a technical improvement in the structure of the traditional fusion band vertical MOSFET structure, while also built a faster, more reliable intrinsic body diode. In addition to reducing on-resistance and IC CS5530A-UCE and recovery time, but by reducing the gate capacitance, gate charge and gate input resistance, these technical improvements will enhance the switching efficiency and reduce drive wear and tear. Improve the reliability of the switching period, especially in the bridge topology, including zero in the low load pressure switch (ZVS) structure, so that the new products with high dv / dt value.

CS5530A-UCE Suppliers

STW55NM60ND is a new super junction FDmesh ? II family of products first product, which is a 600V N-channel MOSFET transistor, 0.060 ohm resistance in Fast Recovery MOSFET transistors on the market hit a record low, the use of industry-standard TO-247 package. Since the maximum drain current to 51A, in the space have strict requirements for telecommunications equipment and CS5530A-UCE Suppliers and server systems converter, a MOSFET transistor can be replaced with more standard devices. Coupled with reduced losses to achieve higher thermal efficiency of management, new product design engineers to significantly increase power density.

CS5530A-UCE Price

the four models are equipped with no inrush current and CS5530A-UCE Price and short circuit protection and other protection. Supply voltage of +2.5 ~ 5.5V. Operating temperature range is -40 ~ +85 ℃. Packaging area, MAX8685C / D used in the installation area of 3mm × 2mm, 8-pin TDFN, MAX8685A / F uses a mounting area 3mm × 3mm, 14 Ge pin TDFN. Four models are shipping in mass production. Bulk purchase of more than 1000 reference price of 1.5 U.S. dollars.

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