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Ic CS8151

[NEW YORK News Beijing August 6] the current 3G network expansion is in full swing, the Samsung spotted the current situation, the introduction of the 4 EVDO phone, Samsung F539, Samsung M609, Samsung W239 Samsung W709. Xiao Bian today to bring you the Samsung W709, Samsung W709 is priced at 6,580 yuan a high-profile, favorite friends can look at.

CS8151 Suppliers

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) introduced a new high voltage gate driver IC (HVIC) product FAN7371, with 4A current driving capability, consumer electronics and CS8151 Suppliers and industrial applications to achieve superior system reliability sexual and save board space advantage. FAN7371 with the industrys widest high-side driver supply voltage, negative VS swings of up to-9.8V (at VBS = 15V below), and a robust positive and negative VB and innovative common-mode dv / dt noise canceling circuit, thereby providing excellent noise immunity and improve system reliability. Compared to the optocoupler or pulse transformer-based solutions, such HVIC saves at least 50% of the printed circuit board area, and the market more than other low current HVIC eliminates the need for a buffer transistor. Fairchilds FAN7371 is a MOSFET and IGBT drive the best solution for the voltage up to 600V in a wide range of applications, including plasma display panels (PDP), high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, and other general-purpose induction heating inverter and so on.

CS8151 Price

Recently, the trend for mobile entertainment, as well as MP3 and CS8151 Price and other applications for mobile phone battery caused the problem stretched, Konka officially launched the "Super MP3 phone" series, announced that will long stand, long music Play and other functions as standard, and a series of features, such as large U disk, long recording package for marketing. Learned that the "Super MP3 phone" to "Super" as the flag, defines a new category of mobile phones, which mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad is the first and only one.

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