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Ic CXA1126S

"3G" (English 3rd-generation) or "three generations" is the third generation mobile communication technology to support high-speed data referred to is the transfer of cellular mobile communications technology. 3G services can simultaneously transmit voice (call) and IC CXA1126S and data information (e-mail, instant messaging, etc.). Representative feature is to provide high-speed data services. Relative to the first generation analogue phones (1G) and second-generation GSM, CDMA and other digital phones (2G), third-generation mobile (3G) generally, refers to wireless communications and multimedia communications with the Internet and other next generation mobile communication system, the future of 3G will be combined with community sites, WAP and web-integration is a trend, such as the popular micro-blog site: large collar, Sina and other microblogging this application has been joined.

CXA1126S Suppliers

EEWORLD: you predict next year, the automotive electronics industry, all of which technology will break through? So for your company, what products would be in line with the terms of the application?

CXA1126S Price

single-chip ADP8860 with parallel configuration, can control up to seven LED - 6 Ge 30 mA of LED (up to), and CXA1126S Price and a 60mA of LED, also available advanced dimming and getting brighter / dimming feature. This flexibility can be achieved independently of the LED control to achieve minimum / maximum current, and gradually light / dimming frequency, or in the control group allows the processor LED light gradually removed / dimming task and save power. For example, designers can configure a small LED for display backlighting, and assigned to drive a single LED keyboard illumination and network connectivity, and charging indicator light. Backlight single-chip ADP8860 drives also make the system designers to quickly and easily upgrade to the non-LMS equipment to provide the desired light intensity adjustment function of advanced gradient, while extending battery life in a variety of lighting conditions to provide users with enhanced media visual experience.

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