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Ic CXD2508AQ

The WAVE300 beamforming intelligence directly to end-user equipment to provide high bandwidth data transfer rate, regardless of whether the device has "support beam forming" capability. Named "Thick MAC" processor support, Lantiq 11n solution at least twice the efficiency, given its superior routing capabilities of its energy and IC CXD2508AQ and cost-effectiveness.

CXD2508AQ Suppliers

The configuration of the internal display, the Motorola K1 K2 and CXD2508AQ Suppliers and the length of each other, K2 is equipped with a 2.0-inch viewing area, color TFT screen, 60000, and adopted a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels, although the number of colors on the screen than the K1 a difference of a grade, but the screen resolution and support completely trumps K1. Also the screen brightness K2 high performance is satisfactory. Motorola K2 of the external screen of the display normally, but as the display time, text messages, calendar notes, etc. It is enough for mainly, but also when the viewfinder for shooting, as self-portrait mirror use. 65536 colors CSTN external screen with plucking a resolution of 96 × 80 pixels.

CXD2508AQ Price

In performance with new upgraded DIGIC4 IXUS980IS image processor, the image data processing speed and CXD2508AQ Price and accuracy has been significantly improved. IXUS980IS with 14.7 million effective pixel CCD, 3.7 optical zoom lens IS and 23 megapixel image stabilization 2.5 in. "Crystal Hyun II" LCD display. IXUS980IS is the series of the most high-end models, the development was originally designed to give users of other models do not have the "high end" features and shooting experience, the first time in the camera by adding a "quick capture mode" and new " manual mode. " Using the "fast shot mode", users can more quickly than in the other mode press the shutter button, because using the optical viewfinder, LCD monitor View shooting settings, and continued shooting before the camera will focus on the object, so After you press the shutter can be taken immediately. The new "Manual mode", the user can set the focus, shutter speed and aperture value (the maximum aperture value is only two steps of aperture and minimum aperture switch), do not rely solely on the camera can be taken to achieve their own unique style.

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