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Make DRAM inventory recovery, the National Day holiday as a key stroke before the previous media reports, DRAM and IC CXD2515Q and NAND Flash market anomalies. Order number and the apparent anomalous cold spot. According to Taiwan media analysis and reporting, NAND Flash by Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) power factors, the contract price is always high-hanging; while DRAM is because the brand of computer card market continued to squeeze the white living space, making the retail channel weak demand for DRAM modules , together with the mainland before the check smuggling are so DRAM spot market downturn. Module plant, said before the Apple (Apple) on strong demand for NAND Flash, NAND Flash with profits higher than that of DRAM, therefore, numerous manufacturers DRAM production capacity will go to NAND Flash, the follow-up effect is expected to emerge after 9 months; In addition, the mainland for several months before the investigation of smuggling, making the local demand was depressed, with eleven holidays approaching, this is a very important holiday mainland, the local effect will gradually start covering inventory. Distributors said that with the spot market prices accelerated last week after the end of rush, so that the module before the lock-factory blaze was finally willing to recognize compensation, therefore, eTT prices in the $ 1.5 confirm that a short-term bottom, 24, has emerged a large distributor and module factory prices for the season replenishment approach, deserted spot market dawn. It should be noted that this wave of market demand will still end after a test terminal, go back to school demand in Europe will be the strength of the recent subprime mortgage crisis, as well as the mainland market in November before the holiday buying is strong enough, are the key factors; part of the industry that are covering this wave of stock market despite the bottoming out, but the current market conditions for the big move yet.

CXD2515Q Suppliers

, However, the display does not reduce the shortage of Samsung mobile display expectations. Mr. Lee said he expected 2015 to use AM-OLED displays will grow 35 times the number of phones reached 700 million. His time in less than three months, once again raised the expectations.

CXD2515Q Price

20 before the late 80 century, the basic needs of the lighting is incandescent stage. With the electronic components industry, the early 90s from the 20th century began, lighting fixtures and CXD2515Q Price and light color appearance diversity, and energy consciousness, with a higher luminous efficiency and light color of the low-pressure gas discharge, etc. (such as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps) at home and in public places is widely used, and the high intensity discharge lamps (high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium, etc.) as high luminous efficiency, power and other characteristics of the outdoor (street, plaza lighting) to be universal. The early 21st century, with the development of semiconductor technology, people are more conscious of environmental protection, new source, energy saving, long life, pollution-free LED lighting gradually become a trend.

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