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Ic CXD9514M

Insiders pointed out that in the first half of electronic information products sell very well the main reason is that most companies continue to research and IC CXD9514M and develop domestic and international market and further increase the production and marketing efforts to increase the marketable products and expand market share. (Li Hui )

CXD9514M Suppliers

1 to 6 months of 2006, Chinas electronic components industry to maintain rapid growth in import and CXD9514M Suppliers and export trade, 15 categories of 65 small products import and export volume reached 32.404 billion U.S. dollars, up 31.38% over last year. Of which 18.708 billion U.S. dollars of imports, an increase of 29.27%, exports 13.696 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 34.38%, import and export trade deficit of $ 5,012,000,000, an increase of 17.10%. On the import side, hybrid integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, electrical Jiechayuanjian, capacitors, micro motor products such as breakdown of 5 major categories of the top 5. In addition to nickel-cadmium batteries, piezoelectric devices, micro motor, the other major categories of imports of electronic components continues to grow rapidly, almost double-digit growth. On the export side, printed circuit boards, electro-acoustic devices, electrical Jiechayuanjian, micro motor, optical cable and other products among the 15 categories of export products, the top 5. Rapid growth in the export products are the top 5 categories: optical cable, printed circuit boards, electrical Jiechayuanjian, hybrid integrated circuits and electronic control components. In the 15 categories of products, in addition to nickel-cadmium batteries, piezoelectric devices, other products are in the double-digit export growth. Products in 15 categories of electronic components, mixed integrated circuit trade deficit reached a maximum of 3.398 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 67.8% of the trade deficit of electronic components. The existence of other categories of products were the trade deficit: capacitors, Jiechayuanjian, printed circuit boards, quartz crystal devices, resistance potentiometer, inductor device. The largest trade surplus product is acoustic devices, in the first half trade surplus of $ 1,302,000,000. A trade surplus of the other categories of products were: electro-acoustic devices, micro motor, electronic transformers, optical cable, magnetic materials and devices, nickel-cadmium batteries, power control components.

CXD9514M Price

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