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Ic CY2254ASC-2

luxury power supply system is a major feature of the motherboard, the motherboard uses the 10-phase power design, and IC CY2254ASC-2 and selection of the most high-end board Closed rare card R80 inductance. Motherboard with South / North Bridge integrated heat pipe cooling system design, Northbridge cooling modules used in some of huge size, three heat pipes running through the north bridge cooling efficiency fully guaranteed. Motherboard provides four DIMM memory slots to support dual channel 800/667 memory up to 8GB installed capacity. Expansion, ultra-burning group P45 also offers PCI-E2.0 X16

CY2254ASC-2 Suppliers

Market research firm iSuppli said it expects the semiconductor industry this year will reach the apex of its growth cycle, but the chip makers revenue growth will not reach the previous peak in such a high level. iSuppli predicts global semiconductor sales in 2007 increased 10.6% over last year, up from 2,585 billion to 2,858 billion U.S. dollars. Since then, the expected 2008 sales growth will slow to 8.7% in 2009, bottoming out at 3.7% until 2010, growth rebounded to 7.4%. iSuppli said that in previous peak years, the semiconductor industrys growth rate of 30 to 40%. More moderate growth for the current cycle, the good news is that the market is not expected to shrink again. For example, in 2001 once the semiconductor industry sales fell 28.9%. iSuppli analyst, said in a statement: "This tends to moderate the cyclical changes in the dynamic semiconductor industry that has changed." 10-year average annual growth rate declining and CY2254ASC-2 Suppliers and eventually stabilized at 7 to 9%. The average annual growth rate over the past 14 to 16%. Semiconductor market growth cycle peaks and troughs are smaller gap between the current cycle of peaks and troughs of the gap between the growth rate was 6.9 percentage points, while the peak in 2001 and 2004 the gap between the trough and up 52.7 percentage points . Grandbois said: "To enable the semiconductor market cycle has become more moderate elements, including inventory management and improved production control and greater flexibility in memory production." ISuppli said, good prospects for the semiconductor industry this year, mainly due to the electronic equipment market more healthy, chip average selling prices stabilize. The strongest growth is expected to include data processing, wired communications and consumer electronics products.

CY2254ASC-2 Price

CPUCooler materials and CY2254ASC-2 Price and processing technology based on their differences, divided into high, medium and low grade, to meet the CPU a certain stage of the cooling demand. If using high-end CPUCooler used in low-end CPU, it's easy to waste costs, and vice versa can not meet the thermal performance. Material selection point of view therefore, if enough heat levels, while lower weight and cost conditions are, the same can be used on a certain stage of CPU cooling.

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