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Ic CY2254SC-1

California, Stanford University associate professor of Baozhe Nan Chinese (Zhenan Bao) led by another research group has developed a different method. Bao Zhenan or the United States one of the best female chemists. Their method is the use of pressure can be changed with the thickness of the rubber membrane, and IC CY2254SC-1 and the use of materials combined with the measurement of pressure capacitor. However, this rubber membrane can not be extended. Baozhe Nan said: "Compared with the human skin, our response time much faster this way, no more than a few milliseconds (thousandths of a second). That is the real case, it immediately can feel the outside world pressure ."

CY2254SC-1 Suppliers

According to real estate brokers say, a name derived from the land called Zhou Zhengming people. This man, it is the year of the "Shanghai real estate" holder Zhou Zhengyis brother. Yangtze golden waterway construction has entered a golden period of development the important data for

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By the end of 2007 a sudden snowstorm, the public information display become a focus of attention. When people stranded in the waiting hall packed, the anxious heart, looking forward to the eye, are concerned about waiting hall, big-screen LCD flashing real-time information on each of these tourists, they go home is New Year's wish is to fight in the end with the determination of snow! Just think, without these in every corner of the waiting hall "silent" work of the display device, the passengers are ignorant of the outside world, the situation will become much bad !

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