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Ic CY2257SC-1

miniature wireless sensor nodes and IC CY2257SC-1 and the power capacity to become a contradiction. Limited by the power capacity, the performance of processors within the node not only difficult to improve, and sometimes even to intermittent work to save energy consumption. The computing performance is not high, a direct impact on information security, because the encryption algorithm demanding of computer resources. In short, the impact of limited power capacity will be spread to all aspects of sensor nodes. In reality, many sensor network applications and requires long-term work, which is the energy supply for the sensor nodes is worse.

CY2257SC-1 Suppliers

ap potentiometer Rc set an output voltage follower, can reduce the load in parallel because of After the partial pressure coefficient of the cascade effect. potentiometer sliding contact step process of adjustment is not consistent manner, so the resistance value Rc is not a continuous change in the sliding side but after the adjustment in place with the desired output, it will the output voltage be some slight jump. but because of the absolute increment of the input signal Vin is not large, and CY2257SC-1 Suppliers and the expansion of the potentiometer resolution of the system is high, and we can slide in the Rc potentiometer connected in parallel with the output to ground 1000 ~ 2200pF only a small capacitor C1, to reduce the output voltage fluctuations.

CY2257SC-1 Price

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