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Ic CY2309ZC-1H

Omneo brand represents the phase-change memory design for embedded applications, the inherent ability of all ("omni") and IC CY2309ZC-1H and a new class of memory ("neo"). from consumer electronics to industrial applications, Omneo series of phase transitions The development objective is to achieve the memory of embedded memory systems and innovative design to provide long-term process capability and product reliability upgrades.

CY2309ZC-1H Suppliers

because of the different characteristics of phase-change memory, to address different the unique challenges of market segments, so decided to use the difference between Numonyx strategic communication of the brand new product is unique, "Heng Yi, senior director of corporate marketing director Raymond Solone said," phase-change memory technology to bring new customers features and CY2309ZC-1H Suppliers and benefits, we seek to PCM directly to the brand strategy and practical applications to bring the value and advantages of using this technology segment of the market closely linked. PCM is an extraordinary memory technology. "

CY2309ZC-1H Price

PageNext>Omneo P5Q PCM and CY2309ZC-1H Price and Numonyx P8P PCM two products in volume production. Omneo P5Q PCM is a high-speed SPI interface is compatible with 90nm phase-change memory, set the Serial NOR Flash and EEPROM memory technology advantages of the two in one, with byte editing and higher writing speed and write performance of resistance. The new memory support byte editing, do not need to erase the writing large data blocks, so that the data processing and software programming easier. override the "no erase" feature lets engineers and designers to simplify the software development tasks to improve system performance, shorten the time to write to the flash memory of the three per cent. Omneo P5Q resistance to new products reached 100 million write cycles, the amount of time can write data 10 times the flash memory.

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