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Ic CY37032P44-125JC

Xu of thousands of position, in fact, not only represented by AU Optronics and IC CY37032P44-125JC and Chi Mei LCD as the representative of the Taiwan-based panel manufacturer, also represented by Samsung, LG Korean series represented the voice of the LCD panel manufacturers: make high generation LCD panel production line to maximize efficiency. But the problem is, Samsung, LG and Sharp LCD panel manufacturers not only want to enjoy high profits, but also hopes to monopolize the upstream resources of the LCD panel, and then expand its brand flat-panel TV terminals in the Chinese market share.

CY37032P44-125JC Suppliers

ED driver according to different application requirements, you can use a constant voltage (CV) output, namely the output current range for a certain voltage clamp; also use a constant current (CC) output, the output of the design to strictly limit the current; constant current and CY37032P44-125JC Suppliers and voltage may also be used (CCCV) output work, which provides constant output power, so as the load of the LEDs forward voltage to determine their current.

CY37032P44-125JC Price

Xi Jun Heng said: "Samsung Electronics in LCD panel technology will not stop the pace of R & D, for the next major market, the 60-inch super size, super high resolution, high-quality high-tech panel production line design and CY37032P44-125JC Price and process technology development is Samsung's South Korean plant a fiery soup wells. Samsung Electronics will work to strengthen competition in the overseas factories processing technology to improve the overseas expansion of R & D capability to continue to strengthen the LCD technology and leading position in the LCD market ."### # # ActiveGlasses technology is the use of 3D glasses, alternating left and right lenses pause, the screen image in the eyes of the time difference to render more vivid three-dimensional images. Passive current is through a polarizer in the screen in both eyes equally, and ActiveGlasses way that quality is more clear, so that a more natural three-dimensional images. Watching the process, through "True240Hz" drive technology, you can turn left and right eyes, the image appears, highlight the more natural three-dimensional images. Moreover, Samsung Electronics in order to prevent interference with the phenomenon of binocular imaging, liquid crystal response time will be increased by 20%, not only three-dimensional image is more clear and more clear and beautiful two-dimensional image.

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