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Ic CY62256VLL-70SNC

◆ High resolution: 300dpi ◆ High-speed printing: 17.5mm/sec (105cm / min), every minute to print out the length of the casing 30 20mm high-performance, durable design ◆ ◆ Chinese and IC CY62256VLL-70SNC and English bilingual ◆ connected to the computer automatically selects the use of high-capacity CF memory card to store data, Microsoft Excel can be easily edited ◆ Economy that can replace the special nature of large-capacity belt ◆ Built-in memory, the maximum capacity of 14 000 characters (7 character group X 20 X 100 folder) ◆ Large LCD LCD screen can display Chinese, English (LCD resolution : 64 X 132 dpi) ◆ special economic belt can be replaced, can be the biggest paragraph ◆ substantial cost savings can be set 60mm.     tags can be set: 5 - to 60mm     casing can be set fixed: 10 - to 60mm ◆ use your PC for editing LM-370A can enter text from the PC, data, CompactFlash memory  card (CF CARD), so a lot easier and faster printing.

CY62256VLL-70SNC Suppliers

Display. Consists of a pure sapphire crystal, polished, second only to diamond hardness, compression wear. In addition to light the lesson people, Chupin Fang even promise, even to take the car keys to scratch it, can not one cent loss.

CY62256VLL-70SNC Price

IBM Corporation today announced that it has developed the worlds "fastest" microprocessor chip. This is IBMs microprocessor chip, called the z196 for enterprise-class quad-core chips. The chip is 512 square millimeters of the surface, loaded with 14 million transistors, can be completed per second, 50 billion instructions, with speeds up to 5.2GHz. While hardcore overclocking enthusiasts can make the microprocessor frequency hopping and CY62256VLL-70SNC Price and other methods to obtain the frequency higher than 5.2GHz, but IBMs z196 does not need this additional cooling can be achieved by cooling measures the frequency of 5.2GHz.

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