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Ic CY7C025-25AC

Avago Technologies (Avago Technologies) today announced it has developed a significant enhancement to smart phones, portable media players and IC CY7C025-25AC and a wide variety of portable electronic communications equipment operation and navigation capabilities of the innovative new touch-screen interface technology, Avagos new technology for mutual capacitance multi-touch controller that can simultaneously track four points instead of a competing touch-capacitive sensing technology often face the ghost (ghost point) error sensor problem. Avago is for communications, industrial and consumer application areas such as analog interface components for leading manufacturers.

CY7C025-25AC Suppliers

Ramtron CEO Bill Staunton said: "Ramtron series of wireless solutions for the MaxArias beta released test samples, is to expand the market and CY7C025-25AC Suppliers and enhance Ramtron F-RAM crucial step leading. Our strategy is F-RAM memory business, based on full use of F-RAM in the low-power features to explore opportunities in emerging markets , to further distinguish the F-RAM memory and various other memory solutions, while continuing to actively develop new products. Our initial plan focused on the RFID market, particularly high-value asset tracking and wireless areas such as ."

CY7C025-25AC Price

Ramtron Senior Marketing Manager Dan Secrest said: "Ramtrons MaxArias product line to create a new category of wireless memory products for many applications to bring new data acquisition. MaxArias our products will enable system integrators and CY7C025-25AC Price and users to reliably capture, transfer and store more information. MaxArias device combines industry-standard, non-volatile F-RAM memory technology and to comply with EPC global Gen-2 RFID agreements, can improve todays rapidly changing global supply chain efficiency of the system ."

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