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Ic CY7C026AV-25AC

Performance, iPhone uses OSX operating system, has a unique Multi-touch control technology, the advantage of human nature, making the Apple iPhone's display capability depends on the strong performance of the hardware support, S3C6400 CPU, and IC CY7C026AV-25AC and processing The heart of the ARM1176JZF effective locked frequency of 620MHz, an independent 3D graphics chips, support for Jazelle hardware acceleration technology. And support for iTunes synchronization, GSM EDGE network WiFI, Bluetooth and other high-tech features that make Apple's iPhone is more robust.

CY7C026AV-25AC Suppliers

Now, in order to give this medal from the Chinese name of a loud enough, Kingston held "a 'name' amazing! - Kingston HyperX Chinese name Order solicitation" activities, we have prepared a surprise Grand Prize - 3,000 Cash! # # # # # by the world's top e-sports clan WorldElite Kingston HyperX memory endorsement, is a designed for gamers and CY7C026AV-25AC Suppliers and hardware enthusiasts tailored products, which go beyond the concept of a limit number of elite players by WE favor of clan , has been the identity of players and enthusiasts Medal.

CY7C026AV-25AC Price

There is no doubt that China's consumption of this particular market, price and CY7C026AV-25AC Price and product performance for many users, or even a decisive factor - although the Chinese people for the price of the sensitivity has dropped a lot. However, if a product price less than its theoretical performance of 30%, 40% or more, then this ratio even for developed markets, it remains a huge temptation.

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