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Ic CY7C09289V-9AC

Epistar vice president, said Shih-Hsien Chang, crystal power in 2009 has begun shipping high-power LED street light LED chip to the mainland, such as Dalian is the use of LED lights high-power electric crystal chips, the current high-power chip sales accounted for 5% to 10%. Shih-Hsien Chang said that the production of crystal power LED lights to get customers on the Xiamen plant, from the last test date, the attenuation of light sources the crystal less than 8%, which makes high-power electric crystal chips are very popular in mainland China.

CY7C09289V-9AC Suppliers

Swiss Court and CY7C09289V-9AC Suppliers and the establishment of Korean panel factory LGD joint panel module plant in Suzhou Galaxy, mass production early last year. Wu Chun added that the plant is taken from the panel assembly module to the LCD TV system, the consistent production line, will not only help save the transport, packaging costs, development and design through mutual cooperation, to further accelerate the launch date of new products, while reducing product development costs. Wu Chun-fa. Although cooperation is only a year, but last year had already started to benefit Galaxy is estimated to earn tens of millions of small throughout the year, this year to further expand production scale, cost-effectiveness more pronounced.

CY7C09289V-9AC Price

Let us have the equipment to introduce the system information. Swans Diva series all use the front main channel speaker Swans professional overhead treble time / phase correction technology to eliminate the edge of the box reflection interference, increase the sound clarity, the exact location of audio and CY7C09289V-9AC Price and video to improve the system. Department of

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