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Ic CY7C1009-25VC

ST-Ⅱ type of pumping wells are mainly used in diagnostic testing low-voltage integrated oil pumping well pressure tests. Simultaneous measurement of the indicator diagram, current, voltage, fluid level, loss, choke pressure, and IC CY7C1009-25VC and theoretical load, system efficiency, underground pressure calculation and analysis, in addition to playback, search, communications, storage and other functions. Features: l load displacement sensor is completely wireless remote test mode, the battery power supply. 2 shows the diagram can be long-distance wireless data transmission, Telemetry. 3, the host part of the diagnostic module embedded cpu. 4 diagnostic use lattice graphics LCD modules wide temperature type. 5 can provide a variety of customer needs combined operation. 6 available dynamometer, fluid device, such as stand-alone product efficiency analyzer.

CY7C1009-25VC Suppliers

Second, although the backlight, display technology development for many years, the program is relatively mature, but not as good as lighting, heat in the market, and CY7C1009-25VC Suppliers and in many related consumer electronics market (such as mobile phone backlighting ) competitive strength, cost requirements of high frequency of price wars, profits are more restricted. In some areas, large vendors and even direct and IC manufacturers, distributors, and not too many opportunities.

CY7C1009-25VC Price

According to foreign media reports, Texas Instruments (TI) released the day of the third quarter earnings. The report shows that revenues for the quarter TI 2.88 billion, down 15% year on year, growth of 17%; net profit of 538 million profit of $ 0.42 per share, down 4%, growth of 107%.

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