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Ic CY7C1021V33-10VC

Mortimer LT290W, shape design simplicity, resolution up to 1680 * 1050. With all kinds of mainstream 15-inch 4:3 or wide-screen 22 16:9,16:10 of LCD / CRT computer monitors, projectors and IC CY7C1021V33-10VC and so on. With the same brand LT320W, an increase of component input interface function, many gamers because of the weight of this product features and choose him. However, the maximum color box this TV can only support so many of the senior players to the 480i, and hypercritical of the guys still have concerns thus.

CY7C1021V33-10VC Suppliers

Cai Wenbo Ye Ming when the manager and CY7C1021V33-10VC Suppliers and chief of the Taiwan Electronics Testing Center, presented the case. Electronics Testing Center provides testing and certification services, development of quality management and inspection techniques, improve product quality and to promote industrial progress and prosperity, for the purpose of seeking public. Over the years, the research center dedicated to the development of detection technology, in terms of product testing, compliance testing by the general development of the overall product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability, and communications regulations and other environmental testing, and provide technical advice. In line with the policy of promoting electronic center through a product certification bodies and accreditation of product certification bodies.

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The summer of 2007, one called "Transformers" live action big movie screen and CY7C1021V33-10VC Price and quickly occupied the landing major theaters around the world, for the year 70,80 chasing after the animated version of the many friends, been looking forward to "Transformers "real movie of the day, and now Bumblebee, Optimus Prime has become such a public diamond known superstar friends who saw the first Transformers to that magnificent battle scenes in mind.

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