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Ic CY7C131-55JC

2006 Nian 3 23 Beijing Model Specification CPU benchmark price quote today quoted the day before Intel CPU recommended dealers Change: Electronics 2B119 Tel :010 -82538472 The growth rate of China and IC CY7C131-55JC and tremendous potential to break the SMIC chip industrys cyclical problems.

CY7C131-55JC Suppliers

(E-market network exclusive coverage) Sina heard that the Ministry of Commerce, for the first half of 2006, 600 kinds of major consumer goods supply and CY7C131-55JC Suppliers and demand forecast made by the result that the balance between supply and demand of goods will be only 28.3%, 71.1% of the remaining goods supply situation could occur, especially flat-screen TVs and mobile phones imbalance between supply and demand situation is most serious. The survey, communications products supply and demand imbalance situation is quite serious. Most of the global mobile phone market has become saturated, the mobile phone market growth is weak. Commerce Department data show that from 1 November 2005, mobile phone production in China was 2.88 million, the annual growth rate of 20.1% compared to 2004, then fell 14.5 percent growth, annual growth rate is also far less than in 2002 45.6% and 46.5% in 2003. Ministry of Commerce said that as a license to obtain cell phone manufacturers increasing production, Chinas mobile phone market, a serious oversupply of low-end mobile phone market in 2006 competition will intensify, cheap war will be more severe. Affected by this, the industry should also be reminded to beware of mobile phone components industry supply and demand imbalance situation. It is reported that although the phone is the worlds most profitable consumer goods, but many in the market pie, the industrys profit margins are not very optimistic. As the mobile phone industry, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Taiwans BenQ / Siemens global mobile phone production currently takes up 4 / 5, and the rest fought over by the more than 50 small and medium sized companies. After the mobile phone industry into a profit situation, the industry pointed out that the cause of the coming 6 Once a person by virtue of their size advantage and drive down purchasing costs, will direct oppression of the survival of small and medium sized companies. iSuppli said that since 2005, after the mobile phone market growth slowing, after a few years the growth rate of all mobile phone users will be reduced year by year, forecast growth to 2009 user I am afraid only of the single digits. As demand for mobile phone users in the replacement market has been the mobile phone shipment growth of the main components, so the number of users with the next replacement demand growth slowing and lowered, cell phone components industry will be so slow industry growth.

CY7C131-55JC Price

IC design and CY7C131-55JC Price and machine interaction, which is a hot topic nowadays in the industry, Can Chinas chip design industry is growing up as soon as the key. In view of this, Shanghai, Beijing the two governments have invested heavily to promote it. But more than a year later, chip design and influential machine manufacturers marriage is still only a handful of cases, is far from potential partners to "talk of marriage," the heat. Why does the system manufacturers "do not appreciate" it?

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