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Ic CY7C135-25JC

According to industry sources, COMMIT originally intended to introduce venture capital in 2006, but due to the domestic 3G market conditions were still not very clear, with the beginning of 2006 COMMIT replacement of the original chip R & D platform, resulting in instability of product development, making the introduction of venture capital matters was repeatedly put on hold. Until it started again until the second half of 2007 the introduction of venture capital matters, but it seems too late. COMMIT memorabilia displays the contents of the site, COMMIT chips in the TD has been a technology leader, received a number of industry first.

CY7C135-25JC Suppliers

General Introduction to: abroad, somatosensory game technology has been widely accepted by the public, and CY7C135-25JC Suppliers and very popular with home users. With Nintendo's Wii console took the body sensing technology game console market share to occupy an important position. For policy reasons, foreign sales of video game can not be normal in the country. This gives the body a sense of game manufacturers a lot of room, as long as the content development on the game closer to the user, after-sales service to give adequate support. Somatosensory-made game console is no doubt a bright future.

CY7C135-25JC Price

In Xiaojun said, "We are one of the earliest manufacturers and CY7C135-25JC Price and Microsoft embedded cooperation over the years we have been using Microsofts embedded operating system, applications, Microsoft has provided us with professional, fast support. We The development plan is the WES 7 participants in more than two years time, we also applied to the components from Microsoft provides a wealth of valuable experience and contribution. We are very optimistic about the prospects for WES 7 in China. "

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