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Ic CY7C1350G-133AXC

3 years ago, when Deng Person of the Year at the CCTV Chinese economy podium Ko arms, he believe in, "This is a symbol of our go to market oriented to innovation as the main body, with independent intellectual property rights as the core of the innovation-based economy the way. " As the knowledge economy, even more attention in China, Deng and IC CY7C1350G-133AXC and his colleagues also proposed the "Green Intellectual Property Rights" concept, and as for the efforts.

CY7C1350G-133AXC Suppliers

Similarly, in the Optoelectronics Group (in Optoelectronics) Chairman and CY7C1350G-133AXC Suppliers and CEO Wang Xinghua recent months, running in Nanjing, Taizhou two places, the theme is also the solar photovoltaic industry. Taizhou, China for its convergence, "solar roofs" plan of project implementation, the Nanjing R & D and market information was the headquarters decision. PV industry chain mainly as a silicon material, silicon, batteries, components, systems, and six areas of the grid. Today, these areas has changed correspondingly.

CY7C1350G-133AXC Price

is part of a trend of manufacturers to expand the exhibition area, demonstrating the technology for the global business capabilities. For example, the Asahi Glass shows the formation of SnO2 on the glass floor of the TCO (transparent conductive oxide) film kind. Objectives through the use of a pyramid-shaped surface of the membrane sealing effect of light conversion efficiency will increase by 10 to 20%. TCO films with the CVD process was installed after the (offline) methods made of, according to the crystal growth conditions on the surface to form a pyramid shape variations. Future in the global thin film solar cells for sale.

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