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Ic CY7C136-55JXC

Spring doors already open, two important guests away Chinese New Year, Spring garden can still block, peaches and IC CY7C136-55JXC and plums fragrance. With the incremental temperature, day by day things are rolling prance up. The city is crowded with major computer, speakers who come to buy an endless stream. Chong said the marketing department, according to ship during the Spring Festival, the highest-ship C-340 C-290 ship with the record form and the price advantage due to a very popular, sales of substantial.

CY7C136-55JXC Suppliers

rder to improve the measurement accuracy, portable medical devices require frequent measurements of temperature, in order to amend the sensor temperature. Temperature measurement device has several options, and CY7C136-55JXC Suppliers and single-chip temperature sensor is ideal for low-cost applications. In addition, in order to simplify the design, reducing product size, low power consumption of portable medical equipment and a wide operating voltage range (directly from the battery-powered), the requirements of the device with a small package outline.

CY7C136-55JXC Price

Sun also said that UMC's 28 nm, the gate of high k / metal gate (HK / MG) process smoothly and CY7C136-55JXC Price and is expected to guide the end of 2010 can be achieved IP pilot production line. It adds, UMC customers from the beginning of the year carried out jointly with the 20 nanometer process technology research and development.

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