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Ic CY7C1386D-167AXC

Source: SIA / WSTS, Semico Research Corp. have the ability to use more economical manufacturing process to produce the chip, the future for the entire industry very favorable. Produce more low-cost storage and IC CY7C1386D-167AXC and high functionality and low power processors will further promote the applications, thereby increasing the demand for the chip market is the semiconductor industry into the normal cycle of lies.

CY7C1386D-167AXC Suppliers

In recent years, "buffalo" is not well-known brand in the domestic segment increased, as the nation's leading DIY brands, buffalo attaches great importance to social responsibility, has been "taken from the community, giving back to society" as a code of conduct and CY7C1386D-167AXC Suppliers and actively participate in social welfare activities, love and dedication to the community. We also call for more businesses, schools sent to the disaster area the water of life, to solve the children's drinking water.

CY7C1386D-167AXC Price

HT48R0AA-1 for the Holtek (Holtek) semiconductor thin newly developed eight I / O microcontroller with 4K × 15OTP program memory, 128 × 8 data memory, 23 I / O, 2 Ge 8-bitTimer, LVR / LVD (LowVoltageReset / LowVoltageDetect), Buzzer (PFD) and CY7C1386D-167AXC Price and 4-levelStack other specifications. Provided in the package 28SKDIP, 28SOP, 24SKDIP and 24SOP package type, 24 pin package and HT48R07A-1/HT48R09A-1 corresponding to product updates to customers, is currently the most advanced products in the same series, providing users with a excellent cost-effective solutions for all types of home appliances, consumer products and other products for intelligent control, is now available for sampling and mass production. HT48R0AA-1 with eight HOLTEK microcontroller core, maximum operating frequency of 8MHz. Products provided by the input / output pins can be used to control such a variety of switches or push LED display devices, and provide the PFD (ProgrammableFrequencyDivider) function to apply to produce different frequencies of sound, and another timer (Timer) and interrupt functions ( Interrupt), etc., to provide designers more efficient programmable features. Holtek (Holtek) also provides fully functional hardware and software development system HT-IDE3000, contains real-time simulation, memory / register access, hardware breakpoint logic setting, the implementation of tracking analysis, and so functions need more quickly and more suitable for efficient to develop and debug the user program for product development.

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