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Ic CY7C168A-35PC

Lee Yong Yi Co., Ltd. and IC CY7C168A-35PC and Taiwan Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement, plans Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United Jianli Humen Port logistics green channel, when the marked box in the flow between two ports 1 day minimum time can be reduced. According to a standard box, day yards, leasing and other costs 300 yuan operator, 80 year Dongguan million TEUs sent to Taiwan, then a year in Dongguan enterprises can save the cost of 24 million yuan conservative. This does not include procedures to reduce the cost of other aspects. Humen Port in the export of goods, will use the "Customs-type RFID electronic seals," the seal will record the information marked boxes of goods, and the use of global unique ID code seal can not be forged. Humen in Dongguan TEUs of exports to Hong Kong to Taiwan, the Taiwan port will be able to interpret the electronic seal the contents of standard containers, which reduces the clearance procedures, etc., thereby reducing the flow of time.

CY7C168A-35PC Suppliers

Omron Corporation of Japans first R & D center in China --- Shanghai Association for Research and CY7C168A-35PC Suppliers and Development Center has Zizhu Science Park in Shanghai. The total investment of $ 9,700,000, is the Omron 3 years 2004-2006, an additional investment of 30 billion yen to Chinas "speed shift" strategy in the last large-scale investment projects. Omron president for field Hisao said that since then, Omron Corporation, Japans total investment of the stage has been completed. Omron to sources, the Shanghai Association for Research and Development Center of Japan second in size only to the company Keihanna Innovation Centre. Shanghai R & D center will mainly engage in face recognition technology, image sensing and control technology based information technology research and development. It is understood that the center has reached a hundred people, while carrying out 30 research projects. Learned that Omron Shanghai Association for Research and Development Center is one of "co-creators" R & D model, that is the center of the R & D team is not dominated by Omron employees, but by the Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other college composition students. R & D center in Shanghai is mainly responsible for research and development, and the Japanese head office is mainly responsible for the realization of self-developed products of scientific and technological achievements.

CY7C168A-35PC Price

HuntKey clever butler-PSA801-30 uses high-conductivity phosphor bronze, long life; European design, wide spacing; green flame retardant material, fire resistant to moisture; switch with overload protection, safe and CY7C168A-35PC Price and practical. HuntKey clever butler-PSA801-30 power cable length is 3 meters, packaged with plastic.

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