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Ic CY7C187-15PC

Maxim PowerMind new products, such as MAX8655, to provide a power management solution for small and IC CY7C187-15PC and simple, so that designers can concentrate on other parts of the design work. Evaluation Board will soon provide, MAX8655 Prices start at $ 3.78 (10,000-up, FOB USA).

CY7C187-15PC Suppliers

For Intel evasive approach, VIAs global Vice President, VIA Technologies, Chief Executive China, Tao Xu also raised questions about his interview with the media during the fair, said, "Over the years, in fact, is obvious to all of Intels monopolistic behavior, but in the reconciliation process, it seems do not see the Intel monopoly for their formal recognition, did not see the back of Intels commitment to make any change ".

CY7C187-15PC Price

Project test conditions common type of iron substrate Halogen iron substrate index value test value test value of the index value minimum peel strength (N / mm) A1. heat After the heat shock stress 2.02.1 Test A260 ℃ 2min after the bubble is not no bubble layer does not meet the 280 ℃ 2min foam layer does not meet flammability AFV0 after heat shock found FV0 meet the maximum thermal resistance (℃ / W) A / / / / surface resistivity minimum (MΩ.m) A1 × 1056.7 × 1062 × 1056.7 × 106C-96/35/901 × 1056.7 × 1062 × 1056.7 × 106 volume resistivity minimum (MΩ.m) A1 × 1063.2 × 1072 × 1063.2 × 107C-96/35/901 × 1063.2 × 1072 × 1063.2 × 107 minimum breakdown voltage (kV) A24.82.24.8 maximum dielectric constant (1MHz) C-96/40/934.43.04.43 .0 maximum dielectric loss factor (1MHz) C-96/40/930.030.0270.030.027

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