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Ic CY7C291A-35WC

WM8903 customer evaluation boards with the Wolfson Interactive software installation and IC CY7C291A-35WC and configuration of the environment (WISCE), can be used to support equipment assessment and development. WISCE software provides a unique interactive register map interface, set the control and supervision of support equipment as well as external input to ensure the complete C-code.

CY7C291A-35WC Suppliers

PTN: PTN to packet switching as the core, is based on the router architecture and CY7C291A-35WC Suppliers and connection-oriented transmission technology, inherited the connection-oriented transport network, high reliability, maintenance and management advantages of convenience, flexibility and have the packet network channels statistical multiplexing, quality of service features a variety of levels. Compared with the MSTP, PTN truly IP based and interface IP cores and increase the efficiency of IP data bearer.

CY7C291A-35WC Price

Product specifications tab on the left, the mighty tiger logo clearly marked with the pan below the tiger (StoneTiger) series, were identified with the right capacity 1GB, frequency of DDR2-667 (equivalent to PC5300), product number KTG2R * 16CPC2-5300S0

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