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Ic CY7C342B-35JC

Chip gap up Qicheng from the beginning of April this year, the printing is not tight when the audio source LED chip came. To a 5,6 month, the chip shortage problem has raised, many TV manufacturers are numerous and IC CY7C342B-35JC and blame can not get the goods. Chinese Vice President Zeng Xiamen Electronic Co., Ltd. will be "China Power (600,795, stock it) child reported," leakage, LED TV this year with a chip for the present situation of excess demand, can affect the normal development of LED TV industry.

CY7C342B-35JC Suppliers

3G Nokia in China's five R & D center, is the only R & D center in Hangzhou Nokia 3G/WCDMA network focused on developing software solutions platform, and CY7C342B-35JC Suppliers and Hangzhou R & D Director Dr. Wei Site, said in an interview: "Hangzhou is but to focus on 3G, but for Nokia's global service ."

CY7C342B-35JC Price

CUP, as the next-generation mobile payment products, "hand to pay through" The launch has been generally recognized by the market. Through this marriage, and CY7C342B-35JC Price and the WAP version of the promotion, will once again accelerate the development of mobile payment. In establishing the development of a wide range of applications, adhere to the innovative concept of convenience, the "hand-pay pass" will eventually open up a new world of mobile payments.

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