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Ic CY7C344-20JI

Example, Im agination use of the so-called "block-based rendering technology the delay," the driver user interface for faster helpful. "It will screen into small pieces," Im agination company graphics business development manager Christopher graduated hereby (K ristofBeets) said. This makes the graphics chip core can operate on each block the screen --- for example, 800 × 480 pixel screen is divided into 32 × 32 pixels of the small pieces of data exist on the cache on the chip. Full-screen rendering by eliminating the steps to read and IC CY7C344-20JI and write RAM, faster chips can render a full screen image.

CY7C344-20JI Suppliers

Following the "Panda", the then called "dog" vicious computer virus going around the school, the spread of Internet cafes and CY7C344-20JI Suppliers and other public network. The virus can penetrate the hard disk is the first "reduction card" protection of the virus, because its icon resembles a Sony robot dog "AIBO" and is known as "dog" virus.

CY7C344-20JI Price

3D graphics development dates back to 1981 when IBM launched by the MDA, one of two graphics cards CGA, although capable of performing general image display, but the resolution is only 640X350, not well supported by the natural color. Graphics really into the game when the player's field of vision in 1982, when the MGA / MCGA video card can support a lot of games, and CY7C344-20JI Price and can be a little bit monochrome screen painted graphics.

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