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Ic CY7C4261-15AC

ransformation and IC CY7C4261-15AC and upgrading in accordance with the general idea, "planning" on the Citys electronic information industry has been re-positioning: the global importance of electronic information products manufacturing base, Chinas electronic information industry development of new gathering area, Chinas electronic information transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry pioneer and China to promote integration of information technology and industrialization experimental field.

CY7C4261-15AC Suppliers

Chinese IC design companies to fully explore the "crises" in the "machine", a positive attitude to cope with the difficulties that arose, no doubt admirable, but also shows Chinas IC design companies are rapidly growing for some time in the global industry structure is expected to take a more important position. However, it should be noted that the international financial crisis had limited impact on Chinas enterprises, some of the expected changes, such as the industrys survival of the fittest, the market order rectification, etc., has not really arrived, so the short term, the possibility of breakthroughs in the industry of small. In fact, due to a weak foundation, we also failed to make full use of the financial crisis brought us the opportunities, the key product in a significant breakthrough in significant gains in strategic markets. In the shadow of the global economy gradually step out of the crisis, when the attention of enterprises should design such as green energy, health care, environmental protection and CY7C4261-15AC Suppliers and emission reduction, consumer electronics, mobile Internet and other emerging strategic industries of things, targeting key technology, early preparation, early hands.

CY7C4261-15AC Price

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