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Ic CY7C63001A-SC

However, the characteristics of the OLED has many advantages why not light production, the main reason lies in brightness, lifetime and IC CY7C63001A-SC and luminescence efficiency of the three major problems. General lighting needs to be reached more than 1,000 cd/m2 brightness, but less than the standard OLED lamp, still need to increase its brightness, and improve the luminous life of 10,000 hours or more, the luminous efficiency must be increased to 30lm / W. In addition, production production, they still need attention to the entire surface brightness uniformity and color rendering index (CRI), the higher the CRI, color vision can see only the more true, therefore, CRI must do more than eighty, in addition, also have reduced the price to spread in the market.

CY7C63001A-SC Suppliers

Topology Research Institute released a report yesterday in LEDTV, since LEDTV new aircraft launched more than 3 months after the first quarter, shipments LEDTV is not high, in the second half of the brand pushing LEDTV, expected out volume will reach 1,681 million in the fourth quarter, the proportion of total global LCD TV shipments up 32%. LEDTV total shipments this year, 3,600 million units, accounting for LCD TV shipments into two.

CY7C63001A-SC Price

Electronic Components related to the surface coating and CY7C63001A-SC Price and the main terminal lead frame (also called outer lead) of the coatings primary role is to improve weldability. Most of the traditional process used in the tin plating or dipping method to form a Sn-Pb solder plating as the main surface, and to achieve lead-free components, the first is its surface coating of lead-free lead problem. LED dispute is not just supply and demand, recently released a report that the grain out of stock TV with LED status will go to the end of the fourth quarter is estimated will reach a balance.

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