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Ic CY7C63723-PC

Web site last week, there have been players in Taiwan released nForce780i chipset based Gigabyte GA-780SLI-DS5 motherboard photos, but from the manufacturers released new photos yesterday of view the design of the motherboard, there has been a great change. The most obvious change is the design of the radiator, the original diagonal of the Northbridge heatsink is not only twist is significantly larger and IC CY7C63723-PC and the area, through the U-shaped heat pipe and the location of the cooling block power supply connection.

CY7C63723-PC Suppliers

The worlds leading cable TV set-top box (STB) chip supplier STMicroelectronics has introduced market-leading STV0297 Cable TV decoders new generation of products. High Performance QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) demodulator STV0297E on the basis of the widely-used STV0297D adds new features, dramatically improved the performance of the demodulation device, easing the link other components of receiving the request for equipment manufacturing to lower material costs. In addition, not ideal or degraded networks, STV0297E can get near perfect reception. STV0297D cable TV has become the accepted standard demodulator, as of today, the product shipments have reached 30 million, a new generation demodulator STV0297D adhering to all the features and CY7C63723-PC Suppliers and adds new features, such as support for PVRs I2C address, for the support of Japanese TV standards, but also embedded TSMF (Transport Stream Multiplexing Frame) processing. Excellent QEF (Quasi Error Free) performance, improved echo cancellation capability and good phase noise of the anti, STV0297E advanced features make set-top box manufacturers to use low-cost tuner and other receiving circuit, the manufacturing cost low-performance set-top boxes. Embedded 12-bit ADC chip and the adjacent channel filter, has excellent anti-interference performance sideband, further reducing material costs. Enhanced complex equalizer to provide a total of 96 feedforward and feedback taps to allow correction of strong and long echoes. Chip also introduced a dedicated phase noise suppression module, in addition, a support ITU-T annex A and C standard FEC (Forward Error Correction) module provides a serial or parallel bit stream. STV0297E can be directly connected to any MPEG2 / 4 decoder. Small footprint, low power consumption, high performance, coupled with other system components to reduce the cost, STV0297E is a highly cost-effective cable solutions, application-oriented digital features, connection to a microcontroller through the I2C, support high-quality system design. Application-centric new products to provide RF and IFAGC tuner output, and control noise-free I2C bus interface, simplifying the design process of high-quality application boards. New tools include an assessment of the support package and a detailed NIM (Network Interface Module) reference design. STV0297E now mass production, using 10x10mmTQFP64 package, ordering 10,000 sticks, priced $ 3.00.

CY7C63723-PC Price

NB-related IC design houses in June while not further reduce our customers a single,?  Gui group of W plus orders, Q3 visibility of orders on behalf of the downstream factory OEM and CY7C63723-PC Price and ODM shouted numerous single-season shipments will increase 15 ~ 20% quarter target , the relevant chip orders should = more growth in Q2, but more customers have been asked to prepare some of the stock, the current view of the chip in Q3 shipments growth of 5 to 10% over the previous years, the traditional peak season effect has shrunk dramatically.

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