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Ic CY7C63743-SC

IC Insights Inc., said that with the changing market ranking in 2008, the image sensor market rebound. Overall, the projected image sensor market in 2008 will reach 7.6 billion, up 10% over 2007. IC Insights analyst, said Rob Lineback, down 12% in 2007, after the CMOS image sensors is expected in 2008 sales to rise 19% to 4.4 billion; the same time, the market is expected to decline in 2008, CCD 1%, to 32 million, while zero growth in 2007. Since 2001, the semiconductor market in the doldrums since the fall of 2007 the first sensor market is down. According to IC Insights report, "2007, CCD and IC CY7C63743-SC and CMOS image sensors declined 7% of consolidated sales, mainly due to inventory clean-up the first half of camera phones, and industrial and office equipment applications sales slump, such as manufacturing systems and image machines and copiers scanners. "difficult market environment, leading CMOS image sensor 2007, a revolving door supplier ranking of change. OmniVision back in 2007 the first embrace of the market, the company in 2006, slipped to third place once. 2007 Micron (Micron) first fell to second from the market, STMicroelectronics (ST) fell from second to third. Micron CMOS image sensor sales dropped 26%, while STMicroelectronics fell by 29%. In addition Toshiba (Toshiba) the company ranked fourth, Sony (Sony) companies ranked fifth.

CY7C63743-SC Suppliers

Analysts said not only did not the semiconductor industry with high growth, the wafer foundry industry growth rate in 2008 is difficult to more than 2 digits or more, showed only 5 ~ 8% of steady growth. Help customers to produce pure silicon foundry is no longer able to meet customers, clients, the kind of additional value-added foundry, which combined with upstream equipment, manufacturing, design and CY7C63743-SC Suppliers and packaging and testing services to evolve to a more value-added a context of high operating the way, breaking the boundaries of the original manufacturers closed and self-centered, turn from the perspective of the whole industry chain to provide added value, more integrated manufacturing services, and to link these areas to build an open platform , develop more OEM customers who have made of the flow passing through the tailored structure of its own process, and more importantly, the foundry industry through building design services for manufacturing (DFM) platforms, from different angles and IC design foundry industry, manufacturing a large database of mutual convergence, this escape from the original foundry model, a new value-added manufacturing services came into being.

CY7C63743-SC Price

According to leading market research firm iSuppli and CY7C63743-SC Price and Gartners report, the semiconductor market growth rate was greatly changed. Analysts have recently lowered its 2008 semiconductor market growth rates were up 4%, 6.2%, than in the past, do not expect that high growth rates, replaced by a smooth-style growth, rapid growth opportunities decreased significantly, presents a breakthrough semiconductor industry growth hit a wall. As a result, innovation has become the industry must set up the arms, finding themselves in the innovation, to find interest points in order to survive in the competition, and seek growth.

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