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Ic CY7C65640-LFC

In addition, SD1561 built-in fan stall protection and IC CY7C65640-LFC and automatic restart circuit, the rotor is locked when the monitored period of time T seconds, automatically stops the fan running 10T seconds for T seconds and then restart, this state will persist until the normal operation of the fan, and troubleshooting, this protection mode to prevent overheating the fan motor to improve the security of the system. Different fan design can change the size of external capacitor to set T.

CY7C65640-LFC Suppliers

The circuit set the PWM speed control function, a method according to the temperature sensor, thermistor measured the temperature and CY7C65640-LFC Suppliers and cooling equipment has been set temperature - speed characteristic curve from the line adjust the fan speed, and the other way you can speed through direct PWM input. Speed function can be achieved high performance and low noise, balanced, both the effective protection of cooling equipment, but also at lower temperatures to reduce power consumption and noise. In the absence of thermal resistance connection, the circuit can be realized at full speed. While the minimum speed limit circuit built, fan design can also be based on actual demand from the line to set the minimum fan speed.

CY7C65640-LFC Price

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