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Ic D70320L-8

MAKWAY (Marvell) 2GDDR2-667 desktop memory full compliance with JEDEC design specifications, the maximum bandwidth speed of PC5300, all with a 6 layer PCB manufacturing, well-known memory manufacturers of high quality grain, using matrix ball FBGA packaging technology, which greatly improves heat dissipation and IC D70320L-8 and electrical performance. In addition, MAKWAY (Marvell) memory modules are made of 100% of the test, so MAKWAY memory module electrical performance and reliability has been effectively guaranteed. MAKWAY (Marvell) 2GDDR2-667 desktop memory meticulous scouring the whole work, self-designed PCB layout is very clear, concise manner in the routing path length and electrical characteristics of the alignment are to follow very strict design specifications, the noise interference reduced to a minimum, effectively improve the reliability and stability of signal transmission, which greatly enhance the stability of the use of the entire system. Micro-chip capacitors and resistors arranged in neat rows, spot even full, all reflect the outstanding "SideFlag" is the side of the model can be changed by adding 4:3 and 16:9 screen size of the conversion function. Plus side of the screen can be filled with text

D70320L-8 Suppliers

At the recent held in Taipei Intel Developer Forum Conference (IDF) During a press conference in Boca made the above remarks. He said that has been around for the "Godson-2" shows that Chinas chip design capabilities have been achieved rapid development. "Godson-2" for 64-bit processor, clocked at 500MHz, the development team for the CAS Institute of Computing. And 32-bit, 266MHz the "Godson 1" compared to "Godson-2" using more advanced technology.

D70320L-8 Price

Transcend DDR2-667FB-DIMM memory module, using 8-layer circuit board design, and D70320L-8 Price and its path in the wiring, and electrical characteristics of the trace length, full compliance with JEDEC (theJointElectronDeviceEngineeringCouncil) specification, can be used in harsh working environment, and reduce noise disruption; equipped with the original low-voltage 1.55 volts 128Mx8FBGA memory chips, high-performance thermal grease with aluminum cooling module, which provides excellent electrical characteristics and heat resistance, significantly increasing overall system performance.

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