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Ic D8035HLC

"Curse of the Golden Flower" movie when popular across China, Jin cold "Chrysanthemum Flower Bed" notebook cooling pad listing the shock, this cold and IC D8035HLC and fresh, "Zodiac" (NP-301) called the twin brother of the cooling pad, in the continuation of "Zodiac" (NP-301) all the advantages above, has a new innovation in the paint against the background of black, more vivid colors and diverse positive pattern, using gold chrysanthemum pattern, so named "Chrysanthemum Flower Bed."

D8035HLC Suppliers

1999 Nian to 2006, annual profits of 2 billion or more to complete, including tax, Foshan City, the first four years. Currently, the companys total assets 2.9 billion, net assets of 2.8 billion. Foshan Lighting Company has become the countrys production, light industry, the

D8035HLC Price

released to the required voltage regulator power circuit IC, MOSFET and D8035HLC Price and inductors, and most other parts of integrated A power module package "SIMPLESWITCHERPowerModule". Because no need for an external inductor, so easy to power circuit design. For medical equipment, radio and television and video equipment, communications equipment and industrial equipment with the FPGA, microprocessor and DSP power of the load points for the converters. Features of the product is contained within the package with other companies compared to inductors, power conversion efficiency of 3 to 5 percentage points higher, run-time package surface temperature is only about 10 ℃. According to reports, the use of low-resistance MOSFET, and the optimization of the switch circuit, resulting in improved power conversion efficiency, heat dissipation, through the underside of the package set up a large area of copper cooling zone, the package thermal resistance (θJA ) was reduced to 20 ℃ / W. inductors built with shield, and the use of packaging technology to reduce EMI to meet the CISPR22B class electromagnetic radiation standards. The built-in inductor series from purchasing other companies, using standard techniques. Switching frequency of power supply module 1MHz. Input voltage is 5V, the output voltage of 2.5V, output current is 3A, the ambient temperature around 25 ℃. 1.6 inches square mounted on printed wiring layer on the floor. Copper layer thickness 0.03556mm. Package peak temperature of the surface state of semiconductor products (LMZ10504) is 62 ℃, competition from other companies is 75 ℃. Before the package containing the required inductor power module configuration, respectively, in the bottom package terminals and cooling pads, and National Semiconductor as the lead to set the terminal side of the package, only the underside of the package configuration of the cooling pad. In this way, can not rule out the occurrence of visual identification of the possibility of solder bridging, to achieve effective heat dissipation from the package underside. The release of the input voltage range and maximum output currents of 6 ~ 42V and 3A, "LMZ14203", 4.5 ~ 20V and 3A, "LMZ12003" and 2.95 ~ 5.5V and 4A of the "LMZ10504" 3 paragraph products. Dimensions are width 10.16mm × length of 13.77mm (including terminal part) × thickness of 4.57mm. Available now, when the bulk purchase of 500, LMZ14203 is priced at $ 9.50, LMZ12003 to $ 7.25, LMZ10504 7.10 U.S. dollars.

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