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Ic D8257C-2

using reduced instruction set, most of the instruction is single cycle instructions, a small two-cycle instruction, the instruction cycle is two system clock cycles. The product has a dual clock function, the working voltage range of 2.1V-5.5V, the operating frequency range of 32KHz-12MHz.

D8257C-2 Suppliers

Since 20 November, AMD released its 790FX, 790X, 770 Series motherboard has, with a AM2, HT3.0 AMDPhenom new norms such as processors, began a comprehensive solution to market the application of motherboard platform . Meanwhile, the black box 5000 listing, completely blew AMD platform, cost-effective, do not lock frequency, excellent overclocking capacity to become a hot market, AMD 7-series motherboard is undoubtedly the best overclocking program.

D8257C-2 Price

And analog IC TI actively expanding production capacity, including the United States before the end of 12-inch plant RFAB production, also announced to buy Spansion Japan (SpaNSionJapan) 2 fabs is expected to reduce the chip lead time to relieve part of the chip out of pressure.

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