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L99DZ70XP is the door area ST Series driver chip integration of new members, the series has 7 products aimed at different target market for the driver side , co-pilot side and IC DAC0808LCM and rear doors provide a variety of functions. L99DZ70 meet the standards of automotive electronics products, using 36-pin PowerSSO-36 package, the improved thermal performance to ensure that products in the automotive operating environment with excellent reliability.

DAC0808LCM Suppliers

from the market background, the China Electronic Industry Development Planning Research Institute Dongyun Ting said, in 2007, the size of Chinas electronic products manufacturing industry reached 687.2 billion U.S. dollars, about 30% of world total, ranking second in the world. The 2008 fourth quarter for the industry may be an important stage in nexus. Qilu Securities that, despite the inflationary impact of the macroeconomic environment is more harsh, but listed companies within the industry to remove part of the equipment manufacturer has not been a greater impact than the whole, remained steady and DAC0808LCM Suppliers and rapid growth. With the issuance of 3G licenses will allow the industry supply levels in the business a huge increment of new development, and demand is still strong and the surface is far from saturated with demand, will drive the industry in the coming years to maintain rapid and stable growth .

DAC0808LCM Price

almost at the same time, a source confirmed that the Korean company Hynix Semiconductor (Hylix) recently also are actively working with the Guangzhou municipal government contact, wishings an 8-inch chip production lines to low-cost transfer of $ 50,000,000. It is reported that the company had announced in September 2007 is located in Wuxi, China shut down an 8-inch plants, then a price of $ 380,000,000 sold to the CSMC Technologies Corporation.

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