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Ic DAC1220E

It is reported that the market for news, IGRS has recently responded in writing, in which part of IGRS has passed the final test specifications Committee Draft (FCD) to vote. IGRS test specification is the core of the IGRS standard one, the other part of the standard forward also played a positive role. Make it confusing that the development of IGRS in a few years, particularly the impact of the process of international standards, the biggest problem is actually unhealthy from the domestic voice and IC DAC1220E and behavior of individual continuous interference. the same time, several Chinese fabless design companies will seek to NASDAQ in the United States in 2009 and the domestic market. iSuppli expects that next year will seek at least five companies listed, at least 10 companies will be involved in mergers and acquisitions activities.

DAC1220E Suppliers

Chinas fabless IC design industry and DAC1220E Suppliers and polarization, and about 50 companies succeed, the rest are struggling to survive. Some manufacturers are losing money the state, not a mature product used to create the necessary income to maintain operations. Most manufacturers have announced layoffs, cuts production line, or completely closed.

DAC1220E Price

2006 Nian most users and DAC1220E Price and the market coverage of Chinas largest brand of inverter and servo motor Ten freshly baked, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi and other brands listed. Drive the market share of domestic brands in China is only 25%. Currently active in our local market domestic brands accounted for 70%, but only 25% of market share; China, the low-voltage converter market, there have been the dominance of Japanese brands, but in recent years the market share of Japanese brands in Europe and America gradually and eroded domestic brand in 2006, market share has dropped to about 30%. Although the domestic Senlan, Lead Huafu, together Sheng Kang million, Shandong scenery, Huifeng other brand in the emerging, Taiwan Delta, Convo, Powtran other brands in the better development of the continent, but with foreign Siemens, ABB and other famous brands, there are still large gaps. iSuppli expects the next two years more than 100 companies will disappear. Many companies today are looking for buyers in the past 12 months, a total of four semiconductor companies have been acquired abroad.

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