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"With the introduction of PrimePACK modules, Infineon again changed the industry standard power modules, so to better meet customer needs," Infineon Technologies Industrial Head of power electronics products, said Martin Hierholzer, "fully optimized for system integration of innovative module design, and IC DAC5571IDBVR and with TrenchStop ? / electric cut-off a new generation of manufacturing process combines high-performance IGBT4 chip to optimize our new series of modules, which greatly improve the efficiency of various types of industrial drive systems and durability ."

DAC5571IDBVR Suppliers

MIPS Technologies announced, Taiwan ALi Corporation (ALi Corporation) is authorized to custom MIPS32 24KEc Pro core for advanced multimedia designs. ALi-oriented, including portable media players (PMP) and DAC5571IDBVR Suppliers and the set-top boxes (STB) and other digital entertainment devices, system-on-chip (SoC) design that integrates a high-efficiency MIPS-Verified processor.

DAC5571IDBVR Price

At Mitsubishi Electric Plant (MitsubishiElectricCorp.) will be held September 21, 2010 to open selling the world's first organic EL (OLED) light-emitting devices as large-size display "AuroraVisionOLED", and DAC5571IDBVR Price and demonstrate the size of up to 155-inch OLED display sample photos .

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