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LI7525 pin and IC DAC714HB and software compatible with the period at the CES 2010 launch FLI7510, is the integration of STs industry-leading set-top box chip technology and won the Emmy (R) Award for the Faroudja (TM) video processing technology, the pinnacle of for.

DAC714HB Suppliers

TC3855 38-lead SSOP or 40-pin 6mm x 6mm QFN package. LTC3855E at -40 ° C to 85 ° C temperature range, one thousand approved purchase price of $ 3.18 per tablet. Industrial grade versions LTC3855I at -40 ° C to 125 ° C temperature range, the 1,000-piece quantities, is priced at $ 3.59 each. Two versions are available from stock. For more information, please visit PageNext> Photo Description: High Power Dual Output Multiphase DC / DC Controller erformance Summary: LTC3855

DAC714HB Price

NEW YORK April 4 news GeCube GECUBE X1950XTX latest version of the series listed AGP8X graphics card, equipped with 256MBGDDR3 ATIR580 GPU memory, supplemented by GeCube exclusive X-Turbo fan, and DAC714HB Price and built-in TEC (ThermoElectricChip ) cooling the chip and the temperature control device, so that the default GPU frequency directly to 648MHz, the X1950XTX level, or even have a chance to reach 675MHz or higher, the player can use ATI Overdrive in the driver control panel to overclocking, and overclocking temperature can be controlled in 70 to 80 degrees Celsius, lower than the public version of the card is still in the normal frequency operating temperature. As mentioned earlier, GeCube X1950XTX AGP8X graphics card built-in version of the TEC cooling chips, can effectively inhibit the temperature rise caused by overclocking, so you apart in the overclocking, do not worry about impact of the operation temperature is too high, four heat pipes of the X- Turbo cooling fan to make it in 3D in the execution environment to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius; In addition, the GeCube also takes into account the noise caused by high-speed operation in question, the product in the 3D environment, the noise value of about 2.8 Bell (28 dB), while in 2D environment, while only 2.0 Bell (20 dB). GeCube X1950XTX video card AGP8X version has to keep pace with the performance of PCIExpress its class, including hardware support ShaderModel3.0, with 48 pixel pipeline architecture provides ultra-fast image processing speed and supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP ), Blu-ray (Blu-ray) discs, HDDVD, 1080i HDTV and other functions and high-definition video output with ATI's exclusive AVIVO display technology, supporting the activities of

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