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Ic DAC7612U

As rapid growth of 3C products, in order this year, sales of passive components manufacturers, the price and IC DAC7612U and supply and demand situation of the case is not damaged, the end of the passive components 11 are still rising trend of market revenue, not only ship a festive market, stock ticker MLCC products even appeared signs of tight supply.

DAC7612U Suppliers

Also, Apples hot-selling iPod nano a new product in October this year, appeared in poor supply, resulting in poor sales, and DAC7612U Suppliers and later proven, because NOR flash chip shortage caused. The SSTs NOR flash memory chips by the agents - professional computer technology company in Taiwan (PCT) supply, reported to the PCT is to integrate Apples supply of the controller IC 4Mbit NOR flash memory, although the company do their utmost to 8, September supply the one million NOR flash memory, but still difficult to meet the demand.

DAC7612U Price

(E-market network exclusive coverage) deferred due to new shipments of mobile phones in the first quarter of this year, the PCB board and DAC7612U Price and the consumer phone orders for continuation of last season with the board level, together with application of 3G mobile phone board and HDI board high margin products increase the proportion of shipments. Industry estimates, mobile phone PCB board industry average performance of the first half grew 16% over the same period, the overall demand is not bearish. Mobile phone board manufacturers in Taiwan Chin Wah forecast demand for mobile phone board until the first quarter of 2006, will remain strong. It is understood that, due to frequently call the mobile phone market demand, the cash dealer introduction, mobile phone PCB PCB products have been the first to become the most promising direction of development. As many mobile phones are dual-LCD display, a display for each need a piece of PCB, so each needs a variety of small mobile phone PCB board. It is because of robust demand, dealers said demand for the current status of the mobile phone board industry can not maintain a reasonable profit margin high. Plus, as international companies delayed orders for the first quarter of this year, the PCB industry peak effect of mobile phone board deferred, in the first quarter low season effect not only failed to appear, but the opportunity to perform better than last season. Optimistic forecast, the first quarter of this year, mobile phone board space will be very rosy profit. Changes in demand from the spot market, due to PCB industry last year, color and camera phones in the market for some degree of demand, therefore, insiders believe that the future lead the overall industry, the main driver of growth will be from the current relatively tight supply, with a high degree of growth of the second mobile phone boards, integrated circuit carrier board, LCD panel and flexible optical printed circuit boards and other fields. At the same time, 3G service is expected to play in the first quarter is expected to grow significantly improve the overall gross margin, cash dealers optimistic estimates, first quarter shipments of mobile phones plate, the fourth quarter of last years peak season is expected to maintain standards. And with the 3G mobile phone board, HDI board demand to enhance mobile phones, will also help drive the overall gross profit margin this year.

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