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This meeting, the Ministry of Industry and IC DAC800-CBI-V and Reform Commission envisaged the establishment of the relevant departments began photovoltaic industry alliance. To September, a Ministry of Industry and Electronic Information Division and the Secretary for high-tech industry led by Development and Reform Commission, set up a preparatory group to all domestic hot for the current of things, cloud computing and other emerging industries, Neusoft Group Chairman CEO Liu Jiren here at the first Forum on the theme of Shanghai World Expo, "Information and the City" exclusive interview with Xinhua on the forum pointed out that the cloud of things and really just an extension of the past, some techniques, now in promoting the development of the industry time to avoid falling into the error of pure technology, technology must serve economic development and create value, to find better application methods.

DAC800-CBI-V Suppliers

T3G Mu Li said that some of the video business not only with the terminal, the chip and DAC800-CBI-V Suppliers and the maturity of network industries, but also with the technical standards related. TV standards such as mobile phones now have the TD-MBMS, CMMB (China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) and TMMB and so on. Only when the standards are clearly defined in order to effectively mobilize all sectors of the industry chain enterprises initiative.

DAC800-CBI-V Price

Brand Promotion Center has learned from the HKC, HKC display device from Shenzhen Co., Ltd. launched the brand HKC series chassis, will be re-launched this week a new product HKC1022 chassis, which chassis the overall design simple, elegant, and DAC800-CBI-V Price and very spirited . HKC1022 are HKC series chassis family of a total of two models 1022D and 1022S, 1022D panel with the overall use of the silver and black, and drive around the location on the panel and the power button surrounded by a mosaic of the "mouth" type of red bars, like a bouquet of red light landed on a closed black night sky, people Dunsheng amazing feeling, 1022S Zeyi similar modus operandi in the silver panel inlaid with a "mouth" type of white bar, giving the classic, a pure sense, HKC1022 with this color mode, use color combinations to use to the extreme.

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