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Ic DCP011512DBP-U

Yano Economic Research Institute predicted the 2008 consumer market than the accelerometer increased by 30.8% over the previous year, reaching 200 000 000 74500000. Vehicle acceleration sensor with 12.2% than the previous year, reaching 200 000 000 82300000. Thus, consumer and IC DCP011512DBP-U and automotive accelerometer with acceleration sensors will be nearly the same number scale. On the other hand, is expected to angular rate sensor (gyroscope) and consumer sensors, automotive sensors than the total growth of 29.5% over the previous year, 1.3 million to 200 million.

DCP011512DBP-U Suppliers

performance, the Samsung S500 is equipped with a 500 million pixel 1/2.5 inch CCD, can support the maximum recording resolution of 2592 * 1944dpi photo. Samsung camera with 3x optical zoom lens produces, the focal length equivalent to 35mm camera 25 ~ 105mm, the maximum aperture is F2.8-4.9. In addition, the Samsung S500 has automatic exposure and DCP011512DBP-U Suppliers and procedures in addition to exposure, but also support the M-speed manual exposure features. Products using the SD / MMC card storage media, and the other built-in 20MB memory, to support video capture speed of 30fps size to 640 * 480 pixels with sound. Back of the fuselage a 2.5 inch LCD screen, display area is large enough, but the show is only 112,000 pixels.

DCP011512DBP-U Price

a new round of automotive, communications, information appliances, medical, military, intelligence equipment and DCP011512DBP-U Price and other industries a huge demand-pull of the embedded software and systems development. With the traditional general-purpose computer systems, embedded systems for specific applications, custom development based on application requirements, and with the general demand for intelligent products penetrate into all walks of life. Hardware technology innovation, hardware platforms continue to increase processing capacity, the declining cost of hardware, embedded software products are becoming digital transformation, intelligent value-added key and drive technologies.

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