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Industry Development status of simulation? 2007 China (Shanghai) International Simulation Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee has done a two-year "Simulation of Industrial Development in China" market survey, the survey showed the following characteristics of Chinese market presence Simulation:

DG301ACWE Suppliers

To Dynasty Warriors in the name of the game, the natural order of a thousand Shuangkuaigan riding gear as a selling point for the protagonist of this with a dozen gorgeous Guan skills, and DG301ACWE Suppliers and display a variety of attacks matched with ultra-dynamic nirvana strong, making for the interoperability of the mobile phone action game called on the king. In addition, the grand battle scenes and a flood of enemies and make the players feel the full sense of rhythm games. In a small mobile phone screen, to reproduce the three large battlefield, allowing the player to experience anytime, anywhere in the "fetch millions of soldiers will head" of the heroic.

DG301ACWE Price

use the embedded PowerPC 440 processor module, designers can quickly and DG301ACWE Price and easily implement advanced scalable embedded processing applications. PLB architecture supports the advanced high-throughput 128-bit interface, enables the system to minimize the bottleneck to the processor, crossbar and soft IP switching logic structure of data transmission capacity between the maximum. Meanwhile, in video processing, 3D data processing and floating point applications, the enhanced high-performance Auxiliary Processor Control Unit (APU) is also a dedicated co-processor engine or user-defined instructions specifically to provide additional connectivity.

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