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Wen Wei Po News: Promoting the human body absorb calcium without it, more sun, skin, eyes hurt, UV really makes people love and IC DG401DY and hate. Recently, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, the birth of a small UV detectors such as mung bean, is expected to become a personal UV "Sentinel" reports the UV intensity at any time, to remind people the proper protection. Care at your fingertips, the newly developed ultraviolet detector is only about 3 mm square, "weight" was 50 mg. Using a new type of gallium nitride material, this "small eyes" on a particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light. According to reports, a rising star in recent years as a semiconductor material, GaN UV "soft spot", the greater the intensity of ultraviolet light, the light it produces, the stronger the current, even if very weak ultraviolet light, but also make it "calls . " But it paid no attention to the general visible light, ultraviolet detection is particularly so precise. UV, the wavelength of 315-400 mm of UVA can promote the synthesis of vitamin D to prevent rickets, but the wavelength less than 315 mm of the UVB, UVC, was able on the human skin, eyes, a lot of damage. With the increased intensity of sunlight in the ultraviolet, UVB and UVC will continue to increase. Broadcast weather forecast UV index can only tell you the day the suns rays reach the ground in the skin of ultraviolet radiation on the maximum possible damage. When the UV intensity to "wounding" the tipping point? As long as this "small eyes" to the sun the next release, the results appear immediately. In the end is the umbrella or sunscreen? How high SPF sunscreen Tu? With accurate scientific data, natural to make the best choice. Sensitive detection accuracy, compact body, this "super lightweight" UV "The Sentinel" was particularly optimistic about market prospects. According to the person in charge of the project, independent research and development of detectors that can easily be security in mobile phones, watches, also can be made small clip, clip for clothing, purses on. The device is currently in the domestic mass production.

DG401DY Suppliers

LCD Monitors from the date of birth to be as high production costs, low yield lower panel the presence of defects, a small viewing angle, response time, length and DG401DY Suppliers and maximum number of colors displayed a lack of family problems, and history of development of liquid crystal displays, is actually the gradual resolution of these issues in the process. For example, from 2002 to the present, the response speed of liquid crystal displays and faster, from 25ms to 16ms, and from 16ms to 8ms, in the process, the manufacturers proposed the "gray response time" concept, thus, the LCD Monitors also entered a new era of color speed, and when the 07 appeared in the so-called "zero response" LCD later, this "milliseconds battle," stop there, the problem of long response time has also been good solution. Lets look at 2007, the last year, called dynamic contrast ratio of the display industry, the various vendors in this years dynamic contrast ratio of product innovation, from the beginning of the 2000:1,5000:1 to 10,000:1, the sharpness of the display Under the impetus of the dynamic contrast ratio be increased dramatically. Can be said that in 08 years ago, the response speed of the upgrade has solved the problem smear, 16.7M technology for LCD has the ability to display more colors, high contrast screen sharpness appears to solve the problem, TN panel Promotion to solve the problem of high cost of liquid crystal, then, in 2008, display manufacturers and will point to the new problems? According to many people in the industry study and discussion, it was agreed that the focus of 08 liquid crystal display technology will be transferred to the color gamut, the total is well known, liquid crystal displays are now the biggest problem is not the true color, and the "wide gamut" with to a broader color space, rich colors to display type, in other words, color gamut, the more abundant, we can restore the colors more realistic, therefore, wide color gamut LCD monitors now to improve the general color of best methods.

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A computer to accompany us through 4 years of university life, so now installed must not choose to be out of date products. Support for Vista, support for DX10, HD video, has become the guiding idea of our current installed capacity.

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